In nature, beaded lizards will mainly prey on what they can find in animal nests. They will eat mammals like Sylvagius spec., birds, bird eggs and even reptile eggs.

With this in mind, it is quit easy to combine a diet for beaded lizards. Mice, rats and newly hatched chickens. As a supplement they can be given raw eggs, with vitamins added. The high amount of colestorole is no problem, as they also eat eggs in nature.

All helodermas will in nature only eat when they food, so this means that in some periods they will not eat for a long time, and in other periods, they can eat as much as they want. So if feed often, they will be obese. Because of this i only feed my adult animals every 10th day. They are fed 1-2 adult rats or 5-6 day old chickens.

It is a good idea to feed as good quality food as possible,