Egg laying

From the end of may until the middle of july, the egg laying will take place. Some weeks before the female lays her eggs, she will go into a pree laying shed. The shed begins on the belly which results in that the rest will curl up on the sides and give the impression that the female has wings.

Female in pre shed

The pre shed indicates that it is time to remove other animals from the terrarium. It varies alot from animal to animal how long time it takes from the preshed until the egg laying starts, but by looking at the females behavior it is quiet easy to see when it is time. She becomes more and more restless and starts to dig alot, and spends more and more time in the humid hide, where the egg laying will take place .


The eggs are very big compared to the body of the female, so it is a rough time she is going through. While she lays the eggs, she goes into a mild trance, so it is possible to remove the eggs. This has more advantages. The female doesn´t make holes in the eggs by accident with her claws, and you are sure that the female won´t eat the eggs. This occasionally happens, as the females are totally drained of energy.