Hibernation of Gilamonsters

To breed gilamonsters successfully they need a good hibernation.

A lot of breeders hibernates their animals for the first time when they are 2 years old. Then they are ready to mate in the coming spring.

If gilas not are hibernated, the males will not develop sperm, and the follicles of the females will not mature.

November first i stop feeding my animals, and mid nov i turn of the heating. One week later i turn off the light, and the temperature is now around 20 degree Celsius.

The first week of dec. the temp drops to 18 degree, and by the end of the month the temp is 12 degree. In January the temp stays between 11 and 12 degrees, and in the end of the month i slowly raise the temp. During February the temp rises, so that it is by 18 degree 1 of march. First week of march the room temp goes to 22 degree, and after 4-5 days the light is turned on, and a couple of days later the heating spot. a couple of days after the heating spot has been turned on i will offer the first food items