The beaded lizard is a relatively inactive lizard, which primarily are active from dusk til dawn, and i shorter periods during the day where the will emerge to get heated by the sun. The majority of the day are spend hiding in burrows made by other animals, hollow logs or stacks of big stones near to bushes.

This species are better to tolerate heat, than gilas, that are distributed more northern than the beaded lizard. In the daytime they will mostly be hiding or be placed in shady areas, but will sometime be very active nad are often found climbing in trees, so the animals will use such possibilities in the terrarium. Their natural distribution is in subtropical dryforest, where they will be able to find humidity in underground caves made by other animals, and here they will be during the warmest parts of the day.

My animals are especially active up to the days when they are fed.

All these things are important when you are making your terrarium for beaded lizards. They need to have a cool end, a hotspot, and the possibility to find a humid area in humid box. I use some big corktubes where the animals can hide, but they also like to climb on these.

This species are also digging, but not as much as gilas, but they still need a bottom substrate thick enough to dig in, as this is a part of their behaviour