Raising beaded babies

The first 7-14 days after the young beadeds hatch, they will live from the eggyolk. As their firt meal, you can offer them a pinky mouse (i use dead). If they do not accept this, you can dip the food in raw egg, or try to brain it. This normally works. Normally it is no problem to get the babies to eat.

I offer my babies a pinky every 5-6 days, and slowly i will give them bigger food items, and a bigger number of food items, so it matches the growth of the baby.

I house my babies seperately on moist paper towels from when they hatch, until the “bellybutton” i healed. After that i keep them on woodchips.

When the beaded babies are getting older and the food items have changed to adult mice, i start to offer them day old chickens. This is a very good food item, and the beadeds love them