Incubating Gila eggs

Gila are incubated best at temperatures between 26 and 29 degrees. It takes aprox 150 days, but will take a bit longer at lower temperatures. Heloderma eggs are quit special to incubate. They need a very high humidity, but must not get wet in any ways. Furthermore the eggs must not be placed on a moist substrate.

During the incubating process the eggs may collapse a bit, but this is normally not a problem. A couple of weeks before hatching the eggs will start to collapse more, and a few days before hatching the eggshell will turn a bit transparent, and reminds of thin paper. The hatchlings will cut their own way out of the eggs, and the time the first cuts apear until the time the baby is out can take several days. It is not uncommon that the pups stops under way out of the eggs and take a nap, and continues to come out of the egg the next day.

Please remember that the babies are venomous from the second they hatch, and that they are very fast and aggresive. Please handle them very carefully