To see the difference between the two sexes on gilas, are not always the easiest thing to do. There are only small visual differences between the sexes, such as the headshape, and on some animals there are also differences in body and tail shape. In general the males are more massiv in apperance than the females, and are a bit larger.

With adult animals, there will often be a difference in the weight, males tends to be just above one kg, where as femals are a bit lighter,

At top picture you can see one of our breeding couples.It is the female on the top. Below you can see a difference in headshape.


Another way to see if your animal is a male, is if it produces spermplugs in the spring. These can be found in water bowl, or you can push them out with a firm push with the thumb at the base of the tale, but it is not always that this method works.


The most reliable way to sex helodermas are by ultra sound. This is not something every vet can do, so talk to you local vet, and see if they can. The best periode for this is in the late autom to the early spring. In this periode of time it is possible to see the folicles of the females and the testicles of the males.