Terrariums for gilas

Gila monsters are really easy animals to work wit. I keep my animals in Herptek terrariums. I use the ones that are 120 com long, 60 cm deep and 50 cm high for a single animal. I also use the ones that are only 90 cm long, but i prefer the bigger ones.

For lighting i use t5 lighttubes that are placed outside the cage, and a lamp over the hotspot.

In one end of the terrarium there is a heating spot, that will reach 35 degrees celcius. I use a heatmat that are placed outside the tank, and over the heatmat i have an energysaving lamp, just to make the area more light, so that this is where the animals will go to find their heat. In the other end of the terrarium there is around 22-24 degrees celcius. In this end i have a humid hide, which is made out of a plastic bedroller, with a whole in the lid, and then it is filled wiht moist spagnum moss.

Beside from this i have a few corktubes in the terrarium where the animals can hide under. For the bottomsubstrat i use woodchips, as sand is much more heavy, and alot harder to clean. The waterbowl need to be a heavy one, as the animals will tip it if it is to light.

I keep the animals seperatly in March, pair them up in april, and removes the males one week before the females are about to lay eggs. Then i keep them alone the rest of the year