I keep my animals in terrariums with a size of  220 cm long, 110 deep and 50 high. I used to keep my animals in the big cages from herptek with no problems, but i had some more space in the room, so i made bigger cages for the animals.
I now use LED Light, and two spots in each terrarium is heated with a heatmat, wich is hidden under some floor tile pices, so the aniamls can´t come in contact with them .This is  important as the lizards can be very violent. Especially hot plates are very vulnerable when they dig a lot and could easily spoil one if it is placed inside the terrarium.

At the opposite end of the vivarium, there is a moisture hide, which is made of a bedroller which is filled with moist peat moss. Here, the animals spend a lot of time. In addition to it, there are some corktubes, which acts as hide, but animals also spend a lot of time to explore and climb around on.

For substrate I use wooden chips. Previously I have used sand, but as the animals dig alot,i changed the sand as it were everywhere, especially in the E profile for the glass.

Water bowl is a big strong dog bowlmade of clay which animals can not tip. Plastic bowls will quickly tipped by the animals.

The animals are kept separately throughout the month of March, and put together in April when mating season begins. From one week before the female to lay eggs, and the rest of the year they are kept individually again.