To succesfully breed beaded lizards, it is needed to hibernate the animals.

Many breeders waits to hibernate the animals until they are minimum 2 years old. Then the females are ready for breeding after the hibernation. It is recomandable to wait another year, as it can happen that the females will get problems laying eggs if they are to young or to small.

If the beaded lizard not is hibernated, they will not breed, as the quality of the males sperm are to poor, and the females will not develop their folicles.

I follow a scedual wit my helodermas when it comes to hibernating them. 1st. of november all feeding stops and the animals are kept at a normal temperatur. 15th november, all heating are switched off, and 7 days later the light as well. Then the room temperatur is lowered to 20 degrees celcius. The last week of november and the beginning of december the temperatur is lowered to 18 degrees. During december the temperatur slowly drops to 16 degrees, but not lower as it simply can kill the animals.

In the beginning of january the temperature slowly rises, and by the 1st. of march  the animals are at 18 degrees. Then i take the animals out of hibernation, and places them in ther terrariums. The first week the room temperature are rised to 22 degrees, and the light are turned on. 4-5 days later i turn on the heating and a couple of days later they are offered their first meal